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The Naked Hound is a small professional salon on the Far North Coast of NSW. Owned and operated for the last 10 years, by Professional pet stylist Jane Bourke.

Naked Hound
Grooming Salon
Style Cuts
Breed Trims
Multi Award Winning Pet Stylist
GroomTeam Australia Member Captain 2020
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ONYX Scissors
High-Quality Onyx shears are manufactured by Ashley Craig and finished in the USA keeping down production costs.

Pay less for a lot more!

Essentials (formerly Panagenics)
Is the original Panagenics launched in 2009 and rebranded in 2012 to carry the Ashley Craig Logo.

The secret formulae still remains the same.

This line is particularly beneficial to Wire, Harsh and Oily coats and can be used on softer coats to add texture.

'WOW' Factor
Is a series of ‘Performance’ finishing products like no other.

You can always rely on WOW when you need that extra help.

30 years experience
Fast Delivery

Domestic Shipping Only

After sales support


Naked Hound

Grooming Salon

Multi Award Winning Pet Stylist

GroomTeam Australia Member Captain 2020

Brushes & Combs

Over 40 styles of unique brushes and combs with our famous anti-static coating.

Now available in over 20 colours.

Authentic Greyhound combs have
been handmade in England since 1920. They have been lovingly built to the Ashley Craig high standard of quality and are only available through authorised Ashley Craig distributors.

Show Salon Spa

Has It All

We invite you to experience this innovative bathing system first-hand. 

With the latest in hydration technology, containing Keratin and proteins, this steadfast hypoallergenic bathing system is all you need to produce stunning results.

Can be used in any recirculating system, metered system or a premix applicator.

Stripping Tools

Our extensive range of unique tools are designed by Ashley Craig.

Hand polished stainless steel blades are set into hand-finished ergonomic hardwood handles that are individually balanced for your comfort.

Each knife has been predrilled and tested.

The Best Pet Products

Here at Ashley Craig we supply only the best products for you and your prized pet.

Crafted Carefully

We pride ourselves in making products you will love.... some of these include the famous Authentic Greyhound comb and tools.

Unique Designs

We design all of our products and manufacture over 95% of them making the product line completely unique to Ashley Craig.


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      The Naked Hound Mobile Unit

      Professional Salon Mobile Grooming

      Offering a range of services including but not limited to: Washes, Blow Dry, Clipping and Scissoring, Face Feet and Hygiene, Desheding, Hand Stripping and more.

      Multi-Award Winning / Groom Team Australia Captain 2020