H-Air Force


Presenting the H-AIR FORCE, the compact force dryer designed with professional dog grooming in mind. Enjoy our introductory offer on this potent and easy to transport grooming tool, ideal for salon, home grooming, and dog shows.

  • Powerful variable speed with 5 levels – max Airflow at 75 m/s
  • Heat option variable from 93f-140f (32-60C)
  • Featuring Ionic Mode and LED Intelligent Touch Screen
  • 4 useful attachments and a simple to attach 3ft stretch hose expanding to 90″
  • Lightweight design under 8lbs; Dimensions: 12.5″ x 5.5″ x 7″
  • Dust Protection for noise reduction to a low speed of 60 db
  • Easy to clean filter system
  • High power at 2000 Watts/110 volts

Unleash the power of professional grooming with the H-AIR FORCE. Specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of pet professionals, it’s the ideal solution for grooming salons, home grooming, and dog show preparation.

The H-AIR FORCE brings to you a powerful variable speed force dryer with five adjustable speed levels, delivering maximum airflow at 75 m/s. This force allows you to customize the grooming experience, depending on the breed and coat type of your canine client, thus providing maximum efficiency and flexibility.

The unique feature of this dryer is its variable heat option, adjustable from a gentle 93f to a more robust 140f (32-60C), allowing for precise temperature control. The Ionic Mode provides an added touch, ensuring your client’s coat remains shiny, healthy, and frizz-free. The LED Intelligent Touch Screen makes operations a breeze, allowing you to adjust the settings with a simple touch.

Equipped with 4 practical attachments and a 3ft simple-to-attach hose that stretches up to 90″, the H-AIR FORCE is built to adapt to your grooming needs. Despite its potent 2000 Watt/110-volt capacity, the device remains lightweight, weighing in under 8lbs, and compact, measuring only 12.5″ x 5.5″ x 7″. This portable design is perfect for on-the-go grooming at dog shows or house calls.

One of the significant benefits of the H-AIR FORCE is its noise reduction capability. Thanks to the dust protection feature, the noise level is reduced to a mere 60 db at low speed, making it one of the quietest options in the professional grooming market. This feature ensures the comfort of both the groomer and the pet, making the grooming process smoother and stress-free.

An easy-to-clean filter system underpins the H-AIR FORCE, simplifying maintenance and ensuring your dryer always operates at peak performance. This introductory offer won’t last forever, so get the H-AIR FORCE today, and take your grooming game to the next level.

Additional information

Weight4.25 kg
Dimensions36 × 18 × 34 cm


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