Ashley Craig Grooming Australia

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Ashley Craig welcomes you to a "Unique and Innovative' bathing experience.  This hypo allergenic line with its very high dilution ration  is extremely economic to use.  Each 500ml bottle dilutes into 32 x 500ml bottles or more !


 A breakthrough conditioning agents also containing Keratin and Vitamins to replace everyday loss to the environment. This will increase the elasticity, decreasing the chance of  breakage.


A gentle shampoo containing digestive enzymes  that is easy to apply and very easy to rinse. This 6 in 1 shampoo that just by adjusting the dilution ratios will not only gently bathe, it will clean the dirtiest of coats, degrease very  oily coats leaving them healthy clean and fresh in addition to exfoliating and leaving the skin healthy. Recommended to use after the Renew/Whiten treatment. This will cleanse the cuticles keeping the treatment on the inside of the coat only. Can be used in Recirculating and Pump systems.


A 10 in 1 shampoo for every coat type.For the Busy Salon & Pro  Groomer who can dial into this formula for a unique preference with a dilution ratio up to 84:1 Can be used in Recirculating and Pump systems.


Its gentle ' Brightening properties will bring back and intensify the depth of colour to the dullest of Coloured  coats.  It will whiten and brighten to deflect stains to bring your White coats back to that natural pearly white.  Contains no bleach or peroxides therefore not harming or drying out the coat in any way.


A boosting hydrating conditioning grooming spray to retain a healthy coat between baths. Will make scissoring easy, will help with matts and tangles and help to shed dead coat. The  light mist that has two fresh fragrances - choose from Summer Rain or Orchard Breeze - two very fresh choices. 


For those unexpected quick clean ups, a waterless shampoo you spray on and wipe off with a towelette, contains digestive enzymes and optical brighteners to help in the toughest of situations.


Can be used for many applications,  for a leave in  coat protector and  moisturiser, coat builder for plenty of volume and ideal   chalk foundation.  Whilst soothing for both dry pads and noses, this innovating upgraded formula is a non greasy non sticky light gel that is colourless and will not weigh down or yellow white coats

All  of the above  products have a very slight fragrance that leaves your pet  fresh for you, whilst not noticeable to your pet.


A natural antibiotic made from silver that will not allow infection to manifest itself on the affected area.  Will also clear up already infected areas. 

Does not contain Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulfates or Perfumes just a botanical natural fragrances.